BUKIT TABUR - Klang Gate

Name: Bukit Tabur
Location: North of Klang Valley, Malaysia
Coordinate:  3deg 14'12.60" N, 101deg 44'20.02" E
Elevation Above Sea Level: 390 m

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From: Sentral Station, Kuala Lumpur
To: Klang Gate Dam
Distance: 16.4 km

Bukit Tabur is located in the northern part of Klang Valley, it's home to Malaysia's first water dam Klang Gate. The name "Gate" associated to the geographical structure of the mountain fencing the dam from west to east like a wall gate.

Horizontal view from South to North, showing the wall of the mountain known as "gate" for the dam. The peak is visible on the west side of the ridge.

View from the North to South, showing the hidden part of the area, the reservoir water catchment and the gate dam. See the greenery in contrast to the heavy dense city life on the south top.

Horizontal view from West facing East, the quasi ridge of the mountain is visible in straight line bordering the dam from the low land in the south which liaise the capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur.

View from the East to West side of Bukit Tabur, where the quasi ridge subside and disappeared.